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TAA-MN Education Seminar June 6, 2010; 2-4:30pm, Bloomington

  • Did you ever wonder anything you can do better to help your kids fit better into American society? Did you ever wonder any resources that you missed?
  • Are you frustrated with your kid's progresses in learning Chinese and want to hear an education expert's perspectives and suggestions?
  • After you kid bought his/her $100 Abercrombie & Fitch jean, did you wonder what you can do to raise a financially responsible kid?
  • Father's Day is coming, did you secretly wish you can connect with your teenager boys better?

Come and join discussion with our panelists, share your concerns and talk about issues you care the most.

If you have any questions you would like to be answered during the seminar, please feel free to use the form below to submit them by June 5, 2010.

Brief bio for our Panelists

Dr. Zhining Chin works as a Coordinator of Assessment, Evaluation and Research for Hopkins public schools. Currently, she also work as a Chinese Expert for the XinXing Academy, a Chinese Immersion School of Hopkins School District. Dr. Chin obtained her Ph.D. in Education from University of Minnesota. Before her role in Hopkins schools, Dr. Chin worked 6 years in St. Paul Public schools and 6 years at Minnesota State Department of Education.

Dongmei Zhang, CLU, ChFC, MA, an experienced financial services professional and a devoted mother of three children, has successfully balanced her time and energy between the high demands of running her own financial service practice, raising financially, academically and spiritually responsible children and reaching out in community to people in need. She founded the Center For Financial Management Education in 2004 to bring educational seminars to Asian community in TwinCities and West Coast. The seminar on Raising Financial Responsible children has drawn much interest of the community and benefited many who attended her seminar. In 2009, her hard work of parenting finally got paid off. Her son Nicholas Qiu was appointed to the United States Military Academy at the West Point (USMA) and became one of very few Chinese at the West Point. Being raised to be self-reliant and financially responsible, Nicholas earned his financial independence at age of 18 by winning the $450,000 scholarship from the West Point and by running a small business to earn allowance to pay for his airfare to visit home during breaks. Nicholas’s father, Lin Qiu, a writer of popular column “丘陵地带”in a local Twincities Chinese Newspaper, a youth counselor at a church in Vancouver, has been providing spiritual guidance and support to Nicholas. Both Nicholas and his father are invited to be present at the event to answer questions.

Sophie Liu-Othmer graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1985 with a major in history, and came to the United States in 1987. In the past 23 years, she has taught at North Hennepin Community College and has worked in various industries. She has been teaching in the Minghua Chinese School on weekends for over 15 years. She lives in St. Paul with her husband Hans Othmer, two daughters -- Sulamita and Claudina, one of whom is in college, and a dog named Sebastian.

明尼苏达清华校友会将于6月6日2:00-4:30PM举办沙龙, 欢迎各界朋友参加.

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