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MN Landscape Arboretum Shyder Auditorium@ 3675 Arboretum Drive Chaska, MN 55318

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Keynote Speakers:

  • Kenneth Allen, VP of Seagate Technology.

Much of the information you care most about in your life is written to and
read from hard disc drives by magnetic recording heads. These incredible
devices are designed and developed using multiple engineering disciplines.
In this presentation, we'll discuss the fascinating technology behind this
large and growing business.

  • Paul Citron, Member of National Academy of Engineering, Medtronic Inc.

• “Medical Devices: Is the Past Prolog to the Future?” focuses
enormously positive impact medical devices have had on improving
health as well as the strong headwinds the industry now faces. These
forces threaten the industry‘s vitality and most distressingly , the wellbeing
of seriously ill patients.
• Questions about career development, leadership opportunities, science
and technology policy, etc are very welcome.

  • Margaret Carlson, former CEO of University of Minnesota Alumni Association

“Being an Ambassador and advocate for Tsinghua University” will focus on
how alumni and friends can stand up hand speak up for this esteemed
institution hosting and mentoring Chinese students studying in Minnesota.

清华人,清华事,清华情” 清华生活回忆

60s届,70s届,80s届,90s届,00s届校友在清华时的趣闻趣事。 你最怀念清华


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Cookies, drinks are provided.

抽奖活动: 奖品为“大四川” 和“Tea House” gift cards

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